Although prevention is very essential during cold weather conditions, getting your property covered is as equally important as preventing your home from any damage. You will definitely appreciate the importance of home insurance policy especially if you reside in a location that experiences heavy snowfall or snow storm.

As a policy owner, you need to understand the coverage of your claims. You cannot expect a complete protection and security of your property from any damage since insurance firms impose certain limitations or restrictions on their policies. Moreover, there are guidelines you must follow as a means of qualifying for a valid insurance claim.

Coverage of Home Insurance Policy on Cold Weather Damage

Your home can be covered in either on an “open perils” or “named perils” option. Damage caused by cold weather conditions is usually insured under the latter. Named perils would need the actual cause of the damage or loss to be mentioned in the policy so that the claims will be provided. The insurance firm will evaluate the severity or intensity of the damage and would make sure that the policy owner has complied with all the required guidelines relating to cold weather conditions.

Home insurance only covers damage when it happened during the policy period. Also, it provides claims for “sudden and accidental” losses. If damage is unexpected, you can be sure that your insurance company will take care of it for you. Any needed repairs relating to the sudden or accidental loss is taken care of.

Insurance Exclusions

Any form of damage on your home due to cold weather prior to getting the insurance is not covered by it. In the same way, any type of damage brought about by the normal wear and tear is excluded from the policy. A natural deterioration and decay of wood materials, for example, is excluded from your insurance claims.
Home repairs and maintenance that are not in any way caused by cold weather damage are policy exclusions.
Water damage caused by ice dams is not a part of the home insurance policy since the leaking came from the roof. Yet, policy covers water damage coming from underground sources like back-up drains.

Understanding Liability Claims

Standard home insurance policies normally cover any type of damage caused by cold weather, but not when the policy owner commits a neglect of responsibilities expected during winter season. For example, if you fail to shovel off snow from your sidewalk and someone suddenly slips from it, this is a liability claim. Another example is if you failed to clean the gutter system on your roofing which causes ice dam, your policy might not cover this damage. Always remember to be a responsible insurance policy owner and enjoy the protection you will be getting from it.

Updated: October 21, 2013 — 5:02 pm
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